A. Rajenthran Arumugam
Principal, Sri Acmar Secondary School
It's my pleasure as Principal to welcome you to Sri Acmar's website. "You won't love him, until you get to know him better". 

Sri Acmar's vision and motto of "Wisdom and Love"; commits to providing an environment where "every student can learn and achieve success". This is the "essence" the school Board of Governors, the School Management, teachers and all staff work very hard to achieve each year. The website is another milestone in the history of Sri Acmar to get connected with the all parents, students and the public at large. 

We in Sri Acmar have found educating our children has been both challenging and rewarding not only in the continuing development of our school but in my own growth and professional learning as a Principal. 

Sri Acmar has a very clear understanding of Who we Are, What we Value and Who we Serve. 

The whole school will focus on the redevelopment of the Year 11 model (2016 – 2026) designed to provide greater student choice and a more personalized program that links directly to the student's chosen pathway.

The school spirit and a strong sense of belonging to the school have continued to grow in 2015. Competitions are going from strength to strength with an increasing number of students' attending. The real focus in 2015 across the school has been building stronger links with the local community. 

We want parents to engage with the school through parent forums both during and after school. We want to strengthen and reinforce relationships with our parents and supporters. 

The school continues to develop and refine the curriculum with a commitment to personalizing learning and creating engaging, student centre learning experiences. Curriculum frameworks have been updated across the school and targeted literacy, numeracy and technology strategies have been embedded within the curriculum. 

The operation of the school has been well supported again by an excellent Board of Governors and Head of Education. They meet to develop policies, contribute to the direction of the school and address the range of issues that inevitably arise. The Ex students Association plays an important role in maintaining a historical record of the school's past. This is critical if we are to maintain a balance between our traditions and educational innovations. 

I would like to thank and acknowledge the large number of dedicated and committed teachers and staff who work tirelessly to enrich the lives of young people and engage them in their learning. 

To all students and their families, stay focused and be ready to begin the next stage of your learning journey.