Sekolah Sri Acmar Secondary is a private co-educational institution established in 1997.  It is strategically located in Bandar Baru Klang in close proximity to Klang, Kapar and Shah Alam.  Here we provide a holistic education.  Though emphasis is placed on Academic performance,the students are not neglected in the physical, emotional and spiritual  development.

There are ample facilities for co-curricular activities and we have qualified trainers to teach them the skills.  We have been participating in the MSSD for the last few years in athletics and in several games.  There are students who have excelled and won gold medals not only at the district level but also at the state level.

Academically, as reflected in the public examinations like the SPM and previously the PMR, we have been doing well, constantly above the district and the national averages.  In 2013, the school produced 11 students with 10As and in 2014 another 7 students scored  10As.  All the teachers employed in the school are graduates and many of them are pursuing their masters.

The administration is endeavouring to upgrade and further improve the school academically and physically to a higher level not forgoing the development of sports as an integral part of the school.

PT3 2014

Number of candidates : 69
Passing rate : 77.5%
Straight A’s : 4

SPM 2014

Number of candidates : 47
Passing rate : 94.5%
Straight A’s : 7